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    Body Anatomy

    Take a look at the cone snail’s internal anatomy, or it’s body whorl anatomy.


    1) Proboscis. The proboscis is the cone snail’s hunting tool. Venom is injected into prey by a harpoon loaded into this long thin tube. The proboscis can extend longer than twice the size of the snail.

    2) Siphon. The snail’s siphon is similar to a nose. It is a long extendable tube that can detect its prey in the surrounding waters. It also directs water to the gills to help with respiration.

    3) Eye Stalks  – Cone snails have a pair of eyes, located on either side of their mouth.  We do not know how well cone snails can see, or whether there is enough light in some deeper habitats to make it worthwhile.

    4) Mouth – A cone snail has a huge extendable mouth. It extends outwards to engulf its prey. A muscle contracts to bring the mouth back into its shell.

    5) Foot – A long muscular foot extends to allow the snail to move along surfaces.

    Let’s learn about the cone snail’s unique venom apparatus, or venom delivery system.