Cone Snails

The snails listed below are the 7 cone shells that are part of the shell kit. Conus marmoreus and Conus omaria are molluscivores. Conus magus and Conus circumcises are piscivores, and the other three are vermivores. Click on any of these 7 shells, and learn more about that species of snail. Take a close look at their patterns. Can you see any similarities between the two snail hunters? What about between the worm-hunters? These 7 shells are just a selection of the hundreds of cone snail species that exist.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a gallery showing a wider range of beautiful shells.

Conus marmoreus

  Conus omaria

  Conus circumcises

Conus capitaneus

Conus ebraeus

Conus chaldeus

Conus magus Here is a gallery featuring hundreds of cone snail shells.

Exploring Cone Snails and Science